Still in love with photography after more than thirty six years. I am always wowed by the prospect of freezing time and space. I am primarily interested in the diversity of faces and do portraiture both indoors and out. My experience is in commercial work for my printing business, shooting for brochures and business cards, but more recently shooting models has become a passion. I have been fortunate enough to have numerous covers and several full fashion editorials. I have a studio at my printing plant but love to go outdoors when the Florida heat doesn't melt us.

Trying to expand my range and will shoot almost anything that catches my fancy. If you have an idea off the beaten path, I might be the one to help execute your vision. I give special consideration to those that are just starting. Regardless of what I'm photographing, one of my main concepts is to have fun while still being serious about creating a beautiful image. Always happy to network with other photographers, mua's, stylists as well as models.



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